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07:45 pm: more bath-time fun
I often hold Teddy straddling my leg in the tub, especially if the water's a bit deep. Tonight, he swung his leg over my leg so that he could stand up and look out (there's something particularly riveting about the bathmat, but I can't figure out what it is). Later on, he swung his leg over mine to straddle it and climb up me (to get at toys, not the snackbar, oddly enough).

I can't quite believe how quickly he's getting so mobile. His crawling is pretty much all backwards, but he manages to scoot, roll, and swivel to get where he wants to go. We'd been using the boppy as a barrier on the bed, only to find that he uses it to stand up... and comes thisclose to tipping over. So much for that barrier.

My in-laws come in five days. Although I'm nervous, I'm also quite excited that they'll finally get to meet Teddy and see the U.S.

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