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06:00 am: recent Teddyisms
If Teddy requests something and doesn't say "please," I prompt him with "how about please?" He's now taken to saying things like "I need a drink! How 'bout please?"

Teddy put Peter's pajamas on his head and declared: "I'm a pencil!"

He was crashing his trains around and his bridge fell down. "Bridge c'lapse! Mavis crash!"

I stopped Peter from feeding Teddy something with shrimp (he's not supposed to have shellfish until he's 3), to which Peter replied "he's not kosher." Later in the day, Teddy said "I'm not kosher."

"To scare" is a reflexive verb for Teddy, as in "I scared me" and "you scared you."

I don't know where he gets some of his pronunciations, especially "oipen," which is how he says "open." As in "happy birfday Mama, oipen it [presents]" or "Teddy need stickers! Oipen it!"

Cawwyoo and comewitme continue to be one-word phrases. The former means "please carry me" and the latter means "I want to come with you." How 'bout please?

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Date:April 11th, 2007 01:38 am (UTC)


how about, you live in BAH-stun. of COURSE he's going to say "oipen"!!

i think this is hysterical - the shellfish is not kosher thing - i heard that for the first time TODAY. and i'm sitting here eating cajun shrimp, and it was read in a book today by my fiance, and my brother's also here and states that the same thing was discussed in conversation earlier today.

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Date:April 11th, 2007 12:20 pm (UTC)


It's strange how that happens, isn't it?

About "oipen," though... I don't say oipen. Peter doesn't say oipen. No one in my family says oipen. No one with whom Teddy interacts says oipen. So how the hell did he come up with that pronunciation?

I have noticed that dropping Rs seems to be another common toddler pronunciation... at least at Boston playgrounds and pools. So I'm watching out for those.
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