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06:00 am: slow but definite progress
Teddy's feeling better. His fever was gone last night, though he has a little cough. He fell asleep very promptly, all by himself in his boy-big bed. The night before last, he would only sleep with my hand under his hot little body.

His fever returned in the middle of the night, so I stripped off his winter pajamas, gave him some Tylenol (and some Benadryl, 'cause he was snoring and I thought mebbe it was post-nasal drip making him cough), and brought him in bed with me. He nursed off and on for the rest of the night, but slept through it. His diapers weren't very wet yesterday, so I was glad he was eating milk (as he describes it). And it was a relief to feel the difference in his mouth as the fever abated.

He's still out of sorts today, but the fever is gone again and he's eating a bit. I'll be working at home, nursing him when he needs it. I took most of yesterday as a sick day (in accordance with company policy, natch). We watched videos (I missed the end of Flushed Away to attend a meeting, so I'll have to catch that later) and hung out and he nursed a lot.

/begin aside
How the HELL did Happy Feet beat Cars for best animated film Oscar?? It's cute. The music is a blast. But Cars is a far better movie. FAR better. :grrr:
/end aside

Anyway! Back to your regularly scheduled blog later today, with updates on Montessori in general, Owl's Head specifically, and Teddy's imaginary friends and things.

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