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01:30 pm: whatever works
As I write this, Teddy is asleep on the floor by my feet, snoring. He's not over his cold yet, and the ClingMonster hasn't returned to his cave. I spent my lunch hour trying to get him to nap in his bed. I would snuggle down with him, tell him a story, and leave him on his way to sleep, apparently happy. Moments later, he would be up and crying.

After the 4th round, I gave up and brought him into the home office. He was asleep within minutes.

I'd hoped to actually, y'know, eat lunch at lunch, but so it goes. I'm sure my keyboard will recover from whatever I spill on it.

Thank goodness I don't have any meetings this afternoon. Typing doesn't bother him, and I can suppress (with difficulty) any cussing that may ensue when I'm analyzing knowledge audit data.

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