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02:21 pm: like father, like son
I had an exhausting day at work*, so Peter picked up McDonald's for dinner. Teddy and I both had Happy Meals, but Peter forgot to ask for toddler toys. So we got two "American Idol" fake iPods, which play one (wretched) tune over and over.

After inhaling our trans-fat and highly refined carbohydrates, we headed upstairs to get ready for bed. While I was doing my thing, Peter was changing Teddy.

Next thing I know, my two guys are boogie-ing to an execrable beat, fake iPods clipped to their pants and diaper, respectively.

That warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart.

* First run-through of my upcoming presentation in front of a (small) audience. A very nice audience. A very forgiving audience. A very smart audience, with many ideas for improvement, some of which I will actually be able to implement before doing the presentation (I'd originally planned an earlier run-through, but Teddy's illness and the Nor'easter that hit Boston meant that was postponed and ultimately canceled). I hated knowing it was rough, but of course also hated that my audience didn't perceive it as brilliant. Because it wasn't. But STILL. And though I have a fair bit of experience presenting, none of it is recent. And I'm an extreme introvert, so I find the whole process exhausting.

This whine brought to you by Mothers Experiencing Guilt for Serving Fast Food.

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