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04:29 pm: Golden Gate Park
We've not had the best of luck with Golden Gate Park on this trip.

Yesterday, we set out to go to the Children's Playground. We got directions from the very helpful concierge, who neglected to tell us the difference between the BART and MUNI. So we now have semi-used BART tickets (we got charged for going down the escalator, coming back up, and leaving). After taking the MUNI (not BART), we trekked down the hill from the station to the Park, and found the Children's Playground in relatively short order. Which is closed. Greeeeeat. And it was unseasonably warm, so approximately every unsavory character in the city was in the park. Even better!

So we walked toward the aquarium, figuring Teddy would like to visit the fish ("visit fish! let's visit fish!"). Fortunately, we stopped to cavort on a "very very steep" hill on the way.

Well, Teddy cavorted. Peter and I sat.

It's fortunate that we stopped because it turns out the Aquarium was moved (to 1.5 blocks from our hotel). Teddy enjoyed the construction site, anyway. And the cavorting.

We then had a loooong wait and an even loooooonger bus ride back to the hotel.

Today, we set out to go to Lindy in the Park, the Buffalo Paddock, and the model boat club. The taxi driver (we learned from our previous experiences on public transportation) dropped us at the wrong end of the park, but no matter! There's a shuttle bus!

...which isn't running.

So we walked. Teddy and I went into the Conservatory of Flowers and the Japanese Tea Garden, which are both fabulous. Peter happily sat outside each, reading and chillin' (literally, as it's much more typical SF weather now -- 60s and foggy). Unfortunately, I left the camera with him both times, so I have no pictures of Teddy and the water lilies or orchids, or Teddy climbing the mongo-steep drum bridge (some frickin' bridge -- it's climbing apparatus). Or eating Pocky, which he loves. Bummer.

Lindy in the Park? Nowhere to be found. I've been before, so I'm fairly sure we got to the right place, but the only folks around were doing sword kata (kung fu). I'm relatively certain that lindy hasn't changed that much since I last danced.

Besides, there was no music.

We still had fun, though not quite the same fun we set out to have.

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