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12:16 pm: bed-time stories
Teddy still likes to hear about the engines on Sodor (Thomas and friends) for bed-time stories, but he also likes stories about trucks named Teddy and Mavis, and about cows and making ice cream.

I don't know where he got that last idea, but it's a new favorite. The cows are in different states (both geographic and emotional) on different nights, and the weather is different, but the primary difference is what kind of ice cream will be made.

Blueberry, last night.

I tell him about the farmer hooking the cows up to the milking machine, separating and pasteurizing the milk and the cream (I don't know which step comes first in reality; in Teddy's bed-time stories, it's separation followed by pasteurizing), and making the ice cream. Then the children come and eat all the ice cream.

Further proof that he's related to his Grandpa.

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