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07:55 am: Outside Influences
I took Teddy to the park, which was pretty fun. By the time we left, he was happily going down the slide by himself.

He was also pronouncing "park" and "careful" just like the loving grandmother whose granddaughter was sharing the equipment with Teddy. It's impohtant, y'see, to be caheful in the pahk.


It never occurred to me how awkward it might be to have Teddy imitating someone else's pronunciation in front of that person, with whom I vehemently disagree. I mean, I can't very well say "no Teddy, there's an R in paRk," right in front of someone who might find that correction offensive. (I can, however, make a point of pronouncing it correctly as quickly and as often as is tactfully possible.)


On the other hand, I had no problem whatsoever with making him clean up the sand he dumped all over the equipment, in imitation of the aforementioned granddaughter, whose grandmother did not have a similar response.

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