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06:00 am: glub glub glub glub PBS kids doink!
Teddy has taken to reciting the PBS tag line at random intervals throughout the day.

He's also decided that "Jingle Bells" belongs in the standard parental singing repertoire.

* * * * *

This morning's mono/dialog:

"Teddy have it, Mama's cereal. Please Mama."
"More cereal."
"What's Daddy wearing?"
("His summer bathrobe, Teddy.")
"Don't be silly!"*
"What's Daddy wearing?"
("His summer bathrobe, Teddy, really.")
"Daddy's summer bathrobe?"
("Daddy's summer bathrobe.")
"More cereal, Mama. Please Mama."

* The substitute for "don't be a bitch" that gets a reaction, so he uses it most. :phew:

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