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06:00 am: "I have idea for you!"
"Daddy buy toys at CVS - trucks, cars - Mommy, Teddy play!"

Great idea, Teddy, but not at bed-time.

* * * * *

Nicolas and Jackson's Mom reminded me about potty training (Nicolas is doing great with it; Jackson is only 6 months old). We haven't been avoiding it, exactly, but we're not exactly jumping on the bandwagon either. Just within the past couple of weeks, Teddy has (sometimes) shown that he knows when he's peeing (he's known and lied about pooping for ages). I kept meaning to bring the potty chair out again (I bought it in a fit of optimism last fall), and kept... not doing it.

So I got out the pot last night. This morning, I put Teddy on it first thing.

Voila! Pee! Complete with what is sure to become music I'm thoroughly sick of (the potty makes music when anything - pee, poop, cars - drops in it; I put away the potty in the first place because Teddy was using it as an auxiliary garage).

The music startled Teddy, so he kinda jumped back and peed on the seat a bit, but that's fine (with me; he wasn't so crazy about it). He was very proud of himself though.

Peter's going to put him back on the potty before and after nap-time. And whenever (if) he says he has to go. We'll see how it goes.

And where, of course.

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