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06:35 am: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Teddy's getting a better sense of time. He uses it to his advantage, of course. "No go upstairs yet. Stay downstairs. Go upstairs tomorrow." Or this morning: "Mama stay home with Teddy. Go to work on train tomorrow."

Sometimes it's a petty pace and sometimes I feel like a walking shadow, but mostly it's just tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

* * * * *

This weekend, it was "see OC, DH tomorrow. OC, DH move nearby."

We did indeed go to see OC and her DH this weekend at their new house (7.23 miles away). We helped* them unpack. And we took a walk to the park in the rain. Teddy scrambled up the jungle gym and slid down the big slide all by himself.

Well, mostly by himself. He did have some company: about a gallon of water and assorted leaves. Not that he cared... he scrambled right back up again (soaked pants and all). This, the same kid who took almost an hour before he'd go down the little slide by himself a couple of weeks ago.

On Sunday, we went to visit a friend of mine from junior high (!) and her husband and their son and all of their son's toys. Teddy and his new friend share a love of All Things Thomas, although Teddy was confused by the lack of tracks (his friend has the die-cast Thomas trains -- many, many, many of them -- which apparently don't go on tracks).

Good weekend. Except for the whole sleeping thing.

* * * * *

After dinner last night, Teddy told me he had to pee, then went in his potty. There was no drama whatsoever (until I emptied his potty into the toilet, then started to close the toilet lid before flushing, when Hell Broke Out). Strange and wonderful.

We're going to try the "have the child run around naked to increase his awareness of when he has to go" approach when the weather gets more consistently warm.

* * * * *

Last night, we lost power in the whole house. The kitchen lights (but not the microwave) came back on after 20 minutes; the rest came back in the middle of the night. When I went downstairs to flip all the circuit breakers, of course Teddy had to come down too. He thought it was "very scary" (and said so repeatedly, in a very un-scared manner), but he dug the candle Peter had out.

* We brought donuts.

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