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08:00 am: Sherman
My great-uncle Sherman died while we were on vacation. He was 92 (his birthday was a few days before he died), so it wasn't exactly unexpected, but still sad. He was a good guy. We'd hoped to see him when we're in NC this November, but apparently that was not to be. He never met Peter or Teddy. I did see him at Kack's funeral a couple of years ago (Kack was my aunt), and we emailed fairly often, so I do feel that we were in touch.

I would've liked to have gone to the funeral, but it just wasn't logistically possible, with 3 in-laws visiting and a 7-month-old baby who's nursing.

When he and Kack visited us, years (decades!) ago, he used to take all us kids to Disney movies (in retrospect, I'll bet Mum & Dad enjoyed the break). My recollection is that Kurt Russell was in all of them, but I suspect that isn't so. The only one I specifically remember is "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes." Kack and Sherman also took us to Brigham's for ginormous sundaes; they'd always buy those candied fruit slices to bring home (on the Vineyard, it was Murdick's fudge).

Sherman was a lovely, gentle man... and a gentleman, too. He'd pull over the car and walk out of sight if he had to spit. When he had to go to the loo, he'd say he had to inspect the rear tire. He was always so sweet and thoughtful to Kack -- and just about everyone else, too.

Mum has said that Sherman set the bar for men in our lives. He's why Mum found such a wonderful man in Dad, and I in Peter. We have very high standards.

I'll miss him.

Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Amazing Grace. I think he'd like that.
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