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06:00 am: what, me, compulsive?
I've already started planning our trip. The one that starts in 3 months. I gotta get it under control, especially in terms of buying toys for the plane (what do you figure the chances are that I'll be able to restrain myself from giving him the toys before we go?). :sigh:

* * * * *

Since his visit to the dentist, Teddy is more interested in brushing his teeth, which is fabulous. Unfortunately, his interest doesn't last as long as the little timer runs. But we're working on it.

* * * * *

I need to do Teddy's last head shot. His contract runs until he's 2½ or a size 3T, whichever is later. He turns 2½ tomorrow. 3T seems a long way in the future, but y'never know. Besides, he hasn't even had an audition in months, and he's only ever had the one gig. So I can't imagine that his agency will want to extend him into the children's division.

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