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06:00 am: about that wedding...
My friends Food Nerd and Tall Asian Dude got married Saturday Night at Gamble Mansion in downtown Boston.

The weather was perfect. The location was gorgeous. The vows were heartfelt and moving. TAD wrote and sang a deeply touching and hilarious song to FN. The food was fantastic.

Peter did not get to partake, which he will eternally regret, as the menu involved many of his favorite things (smoked salmon, a huge array of sausagey meat things, fabulous cheeses, scrumptious and unusual passed hors d'oeuvres, like cheese-filled new potatoes and artichoke fritters and other such yummies as make me salivate before having had breakfast). Alas, I couldn't convince a server to stand next to me with a tray of asparagus or bacon-wrapped scallops. I didn't actually try to convince a server to do that, but I hoped one would catch on to the meaning of my greedy silence.

In any case, Peter was at a soccer game. I'd bought him a ticket several months ago as a father's day gift, and we both forgot the date. Duh. So I went hither and he went yon.

Teddy stayed home with OC, and didn't miss either of us a bit. He was already reaching for OC as he kissed me goodbye. When Peter stopped by the house after dropping me at the bus (the Riverside T line having closed down just in time for the wedding), Teddy told him to go away!

Sweet child.

I should be happy that he's so eager to spend time with other people, and mostly I am. Really. But I'm also a teeny tiny bit jealous.

He woke up shortly after I got home (see! I can stay awake until 11 -- if only barely) and nursed like crazy. Other people are more fun than I, but I still have the nurs.

We went to visit OC Sunday morning, and met B, her new and adorable puppy. B is a very sweet and extremely small dog (6 lbs), but it took Teddy more than an hour to get within 3 feet of her. Before that, it was "MAMA! CAWWYOO!"

I think he has a little sibling rivalry going with B.

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Date:June 25th, 2007 02:07 pm (UTC)

Sibling rivalry...

How cute... I hope it'll get better...

Don't be jealous, in that, "Boy! For as easy as he is... he's a lot of work!"

We loved your visit Sunday and I had a very nice time with Teddy on Saturday night. He's a very sweet and polite and fun kid. I look forward to that as a teenager too. :)
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Date:June 25th, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)



He'll have to go stay with his sibling for a few years. I'll visit and bring pastries. And dog biscuits.

He is a lot of work. Good thing you have so much energy. 'Cause he's all about OC and her DH these days...
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