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09:30 pm: Returning Home Is a Mixed Bag
Mum & Dad very kindly invited us over for dinner on our first night back from vacation, so we wouldn't have to cook. It was a fabulous meal, but I have never seen Teddy so cranky. He didn't want to eat, didn't want to be held, didn't want to play...

Mostly, he was hot. He would only nurse in front of a fan, so I spent a fair bit of time topless in my parents' living room (everyone else was elsewhere, thankyouverymuch). When we left (far too soon, as we left all the cleanup for my poor parents!), he was Crankenstein in the carseat until he fell asleep. When I picked him up to bring him in the house, his whole body was hot. Poor little guy.

Once we stripped him down and got him into the AC, he was his old sweet self. He woke up a lot during the night to nurse. I'm guessing it was a combination of rehydration and reassuring himself that we hadn't moved him yet again.

It was a hoot, though, to see him when we first came home (this was before dinner). He was so excited to see his toys. I could practically see him thinking "ooooh! the Pooh ball! I haven't seen that in *years*! And the other crunchy books! And my crib and my playpen and my boppy and and and!!!" He was thumping his hands against his thighs in utter excitement.

All the changes and all the new people are an adjustment for him. I hope we can settle back into a routine fairly quickly.

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