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05:43 am: Frank Gets a Time-out
Last night, Mr. Warthog mistook Mama Lion's glasses for his own (he wanted to read on the beach).

* * * * *

RC2 Corporation finally received Teddy's lead-painted engines yesterday. I couldn't believe what a hassle that was with the post office. I mailed the trains on the 16th, return-receipt requested, and they got lost somehow. The return receipt never happened. And the USPS can't trace anything that's not express mail.


Anyway, the package is there now. We should get the replacement engines before Labor Day.

It's a big relief, and not just because of the expense (about $150 worth of trains, plus postage) or because of the trauma (Teddy has not forgotten the "broken" trains that we sent to get fixed), but because of yesterday.

Yesterday was the Day of the Hitting Toddler. And lo, he did get many time-outs. And no, the time-outs did not work.

Until I put Frank on time-out. Frank is his latest favorite Thomas engine. He needed Frank. Frank didn't need a time-out. Much trauma ensued. Much hitting did not.

Ergo, additional favorite Thomas engines (Teddy is fickle) will be very helpful.

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