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05:53 am: Sunday swimming
Teddy's new swimsuit is a huge hit. We've been going to the kids' swim (Ariel's Playground) at the YMCA the past couple of Sundays, and we have a blast.

Yesterday, we were there for more than an hour, and Teddy swam by himself almost the whole time. He doesn't quite believe me yet that using his arms will make it much easier (he's all kick now), but he trucks along really well. He even blew bubbles, which he hasn't done in ages.

What fun! I wish they had it more often. Alas, they schedule it just two days a week, and the one on Fridays in the summer is right during Teddy's nap-time.

Speaking of which, he conked out yesterday. He had a sweet, wonderful day up until about 5, whereupon the meltdown did commence.

Oh well. It was a great day, on balance.

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I have trouble turning TextTwist off in my head. It's normal for me, if not for others. I remember, years ago, seeing falling Tetris pieces as I drifted off to sleep, so this isn't a first.

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