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05:52 am: Odds & Ends
Teddy has taken to saying "Wow! That would be so cool!" instead of, oh, "yes." Or "OK-ay." Or whatever. As in "would you like some more noodles, Teddy?" "Wow! That would be so cool!"

Hyperbole, thy name is Eduard.

* * * * *

My high-school friend M brought her son T over for a play date yesterday evening. What fun! Her T is 4, so he's more mature (and a bit rougher), but Teddy had a blast. T wrestled him to the floor at one point, which he didn't particularly enjoy, but M intervened, explaining that Teddy is much younger and not used to playing rough. T apologized, and Teddy didn't cry, to my utter shock.

He also didn't cry later, when he fell off the sofa.

Teddy's growing up. Now I'm going to cry.

Anyhoo, a good time was had by all... perhaps especially everything Teddy owns related to Thomas, because all of that got to come out and play, too.

* * * * *

Teddy had #2 #2 in the toilet last night. And a cry of joy resounded. Mine, of course.

* * * * *

The new stroller arrived yesterday. Teddy's assessment (oddly enough, not "wow! it would be so cool!")?: "it's so wonderful!"

That's even before he got in it. Then he declared it "so cool!"

We still love our Bumbleride Queen B - fabulous stroller, especially for the all-around-town use to which we put it, but it's heavy and a bit unwieldy.* It's perfect for uneven sidewalks and potholes and all that, but I've found it difficult for when I want to walk for me. It's better suited to an amble.

The last thing I need is another excuse not to walk, so I ordered the new one on a colleague's recommendation (it's also had excellent reviews). It'll get its debut tomorrow (if Teddy doesn't want to stay home with Daddy while Mommy exercises) or Saturday (when there's no choice, because Daddy will be at work).

* The craptastic umbrella stroller that stays in the car trunk for our rare trips to the mall is barely worth a mention - and definitely not up to an exercise walk - though well worth the $20 we paid for it.

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