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06:00 am: castle cake
Last week in Shelburne Falls, we visited the Lamson & Goodnow outlet, which is one of the few stores in town that's not an art gallery.

Not that there's anything wrong with art galleries, but I like kitchen stores better.

It was one of those days when It Must Be Mommy All the Time How Could You Be So Cruel to Even Suggest I Play with Daddy?, so Teddy came in the store with me. We bought a new nailbrush (which also does service as a train or a boat or, last night, giant food*) and a castle bundt cake pan.

And lo, the child did love the bundt pan. He tried to carry it in his lap while we drove to Brattleboro, but it was too heavy. He made sure that we got the pan out of the car when we got home. He "helped" make a practice castle cake on Saturday. And he's had castle cake for breakfast the past two days.

Of course, this is the same kid who stretches his foreskin out as far as he can, laughs maniacally, and claims he's making a sandcastle.


* That's food for giants, not large-sized food. Teddy was being a giant, and he wanted to know what giants eat. I told them that giants are imaginary, so they can eat whatever he wants them to eat. When he gnawed on the nailbrush, I asked him what he was eating. "A nailbrush, Mommy!"

The "duh" was only implied.

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