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06:00 am: father and son bonding
Teddy often still prefers all-Mommy-all-the-time, but Teddy and Peter continue to bond in their own masculine way. They watch Ajeto, a Czech stop-motion cartoon, and Mr. Bean. They play "toes in the nose," which is exactly what it sounds like. They share in the joy of leaving a poopy diaper in the trash at a Brookline playground (seriously, sheer glee at decreasing our diaper load by one... bizarre). They eat junk food and drink "beer" (diluted, all-organic juice, in Teddy's case) and say "mmm... that's a good brew!"

They also say "what the hell?" and "oh my god!" with the exact same intonation. I'm working on those, though I admit to preferring either to "fucking asshole," which Teddy has not picked up. Yet.

And they fart. Pass gas. Make wind. Have bubbles.

Last night in the tub, Teddy stood up, twisted his hip, and pushed, with that smirk. Any woman reading this will recognize that smirk. It's the fart smirk. It's the "hee hee I'm doing something I know that you don't think is funny but that I find completely hilarious nonetheless" look. That look.

And then he said: "my bubble gets in your nose."


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Date:August 15th, 2007 06:45 pm (UTC)

From Inge

Hi Kate,

Just wait until he learns those three words that no woman wants to hear: "Pull my finger."

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Date:August 16th, 2007 01:17 pm (UTC)


I don't think that particularly idiom has crossed the pond. At least I hope not! I've never seen Peter do it, so Teddy will have to learn it from someone else.

Heaven help me.
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