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06:00 am: Spiders
Until recently, pavoček was the only spider in our lives. Last weekend, I noticed something on Teddy's leg: a bug bite that looked exactly like a target. It was round, with a red center and a white circle around it. I remembered reading about the distinctive bulls-eye appearance of lyme-tick bites and did a complete (quiet, internal) freak. I made an appointment for Teddy to be seen in urgent care.

Then I researched lyme disease on the web.

Wrong sequence of steps, Kate. The bulls-eye of a lyme-tick bite is white in the center, with red outside. It has an irregular edge (Teddy's was perfectly round).

I called the doctor back to apologize and suggest that we not come in, but of course they wanted to see Teddy anyway.

Spider bite. Benign. Probably from his bedding (EEEEK! That's benign? I sleep in that bed!) or his sandbox.

I had scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist for Monday (re-scheduled a couple of times, in fact), to look at a mole of mine that had changed color.

Spider bite. Benign. Temporarily discolored it (it's long since gone back to normal).

I never was real crazy about spiders. Yuk.

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