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06:00 am: there must be a gene... and I suspect it's a Czech gene
I don't buy white bread. Haven't bought it for years. It's not only nutritionally evil, but also bland and unsatisfying, so why bother?

Peter loves white bread. Soft, squishy white bread.

The only time we have white bread in the house is when we get Chinese food, 'cause the rolls come with the meal (the number of rolls tells me how much I've over-ordered).

So last night, as a special treat, I bought white rolls at the farmer's market.

Teddy loves them.

Did I mention that they're ginormous? Well, they are. Probably 4 servings of bread in one roll.

Teddy ate half of a roll with dinner last night. Which was 2 ears of corn (also from the farmer's market)... local, fresh-picked, no butter, no salt... but still... carbs, much? OK, he also ate some salad, but he rejected his stew outright.


Thank goodness he still digs The Nurs. At least I know he's getting plenty of protein.

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