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12:25 pm: Stupid Mommy Returns
Grout and toddlers do not mix. I must remember that.

One of the things on the list of things we must do to get the house ready to sell was re-grouting the tile at the edge of the bathtub. I don't think I've ever done grout before. If I have, it's too long ago to recall, and probably would have occurred under my Dad's supervision, so I probably didn't make a total hash of it.

The tub is now re-grouted, though there are a couple of spots I'll probably want to do again.

The mess of dried-up, peeled-off, scraped-off, fallen-off, chunked-up random pieces of grout has been cleaned from the tub and floor.

The roll of paper towels that Teddy rolled down the stairs has now been folded up and set carefully aside for later use.

Teddy and I have snuggled and cuddled and forgiven each other for transgressions and immoderate responses to transgressions, respectively. He is fed and down for his nap, tears long-since dried.

We're definitely not buying a fixer-upper. Peter isn't particularly handy and I don't particularly want to exercise whatever handiness I have.

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