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06:00 am: a walk in the park
Teddy and I had a play date last night after work with J and her two daughters. It was, like, normal, which is sorta foreign to us. We both had a wonderful time (except the leaving - oh! the agony!).

No surprise, Teddy spent most of his time in the sandbox. He hasn't shared a sandbox for months (our local playgrounds don't have them). It was fascinating to watch him. He stood near the sandbox, then circled back to me, then went back to watch at the sandbox, then circled back, then back to the sandbox and IN. Never to return. Or only rarely.

He also enjoyed the swings for the first time. He's been on them before, he's even asked for them before, but he always hollers to get back out again. Watching C, J's older daughter, have such a great time made something click in his brain. So I pushed him and he said "this is fun" with some surprise. A few seconds later, he would say "Mommy! Stop me!" Then he asked for more.

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