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05:37 pm: back from Budapest...
It's a land of manpris, spas, unique slut-fashions, strange-colored hair, extremely affectionate women (not, we think, professionally so), graffiti, gorgeous buildings, and many, many smokers.

We had no goulash, but we did have langos (giant fried dough, served either with powdered sugar [my preference] or with salt, cheese, and garlic [Peter's preference] or ketchup and cheese [the default, which neither of us likes]). We ate at Pizza Hut and Burger King (each twice). :sigh:

Having a toddler changes one's travel experiences, that's for sure.

More updates tomorrow, including back-dated entries about our first few days here (lost my notes, dammit, but recreated some).

Current Location: Czech Republic
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Date:September 27th, 2007 05:20 pm (UTC)
(Didn't think we'd get an update!!!) Thanks!

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