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01:41 pm: Teddy's impressions of Budapest
Not enough toy stores, despite his repeated reminders that we should go to one.

Not enough time in the playgrounds.
Not enough time in the zoo.
Not enough time in Vidam Park.
Not enough time at the Gellert spa.

Just enough ice cream.
Just enough Burger King.

Too much Pizza Hut.
Too much time walking, shopping, and being crabby.

* * * * *

Wednesday, we walked by the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, up Andrássy út, through Heroes' Square, to City Park. Andrássy út was modeled after the Champs-Élysées and is indeed quite beautiful. If all of Budapest were this gorgeous, I'd love the city.

In any case, we stopped for the first of the day's ice cream (and coffee, served as always in a tiny plastic cup that rapidly begins to melt) at a kiosk. We proceeded into the park, where there are two children's playgrounds (that we found). The first, geared more toward Teddy's age, is shaped like a boat. It has steering wheels and binoculars ("camera," as Teddy called it) and a slide. Pretty cool. Teddy pooped while standing in the bow. Peter got a swell picture of Teddy's naked butt as I changed his diaper on the grass.

The next playground was more like a climbing training ground. Ropes, ladders, climbing wall with knobs and notches and such. Not so good for Teddy, though he did his best.

After a short interlude for a Mommy-Daddy squabble, we then got our first lángos. We fed some to Juan the pigeon*, then proceeded to the Zoo (after part 2 of the M-DS). Teddy picked out a purple sea star at the gift shop (after picking a giant, heavy, expensive bug, which I refused to buy) and we ventured forth.

It was lots of fun. We had a great time. We had another ice cream. We saw the baby rhino and the elephants and lots of monkeys and other stuff. But the price of admission was officially paid off at the penguins' tank. We went downstairs to watch them underwater. Peter and Teddy (who had not been getting along that day at all) smashed their faces against the glass and laughed and laughed and laughed. I, of course, cried at the beauty of seeing that beautiful time. :sniff:

And Teddy showed the penguins his pupíček. Which I'm sure they appreciated.

Teddy left under protest, because he wanted to see more animals ("something exciting!" which is his new refrain). He screamed and he cried, but we insisted on taking the poor, deprived boy to Vidam Park.

Three hours later, the same boy screamed and cried that he didn't want to leave the Park. More about that later.

* Teddy insists "what's his name?" about everything. I then have to dream up some name that has not already been given to a Thomas train. There are a lot of frickin' Thomas trains. Thus the pigeon named Juan. We also have a helicopter named Irmaguard. Whatever works.

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Date:September 28th, 2007 12:17 pm (UTC)


Feel like we've there!
Thanks for he updated travelogue! David appreciated your thoughfulness greatly. Sorry to use this like email.
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