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03:25 pm: Settling in (back-dated)
So, um, what were we doing on our second day in Nové Město na Moravě? Chillin', mostly.

We found, with mixed feelings, that our DVDs don't work in Peter's sister's (new?) DVD player. So that meant Czech TV for Teddy, if any. Very cool if he's less interested; less cool if we're desperate. And less cool that we carried the whole frickin' season 4 of Quantum Leap all this way and I won't be able to catch up. Oh well. The DVDs do work on Peter's parents' machine, but there's less down-time there.

Teddy adores his Teta Helča (Aunt Helen), which is truly lovely to see. Double-extra-bonus points for the joy she gets in him. And LOTTO for the occasional break from the otherwise endless "MAMA DO IT!"

This is actually a nice place. I love the way Czech towns nestle into the hills and valleys. The countryside is wonderful for walking through and there's a real sense of serenity here. For a couple of weeks. I'm just not a natural bucoholic - I don't want to live here (although we could get a really swell place for $150K, which is damned tempting for fleeting moments).

Babi (Grandma) arranged for two strollers for Teddy, so we could take our pick. Neither lives up to the Bumbleride or the Schwinn, but it's great to dedicate the Sit 'n' Stroll to carseat duty and have something easier to push.

Miloš (Teta Helča's boyfriend) brought out some of his old toys for Teddy to play with. To Teddy, they are new toys and quite marvelous. No horribly dangerous ones in the bunch, thank goodness.

We're adjusting to the tiny toilet room (bath and sink separate), the one teeny tiny trash can in the apartment, which resides in the kitchen (fabulous for those awkward occasions when something from the bathroom needs to be thrown out), and the spring-less beds.

Teddy's new refrain is "What [fill in the blank]?" whenever someone points out something. "Look, there's a tractor!" "What tractor?" (as he looks right at it) "A horse, Teddy!" "What horse?" And so on. Maddening.

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