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07:43 am: getting better...
We didn't get out of bed today until nearly 5. I'm not quite sure when Teddy woke up, but I'm fairly certain it was after 2:30. So that's progress.

Teddy is now quite committed to speaking fake Czech. As I write this, he's saying "prushka prushka, we're driving there!"

um... ok.

"Hello, I'm a darushla, you're prokta!"

Apparently his rendition of Czech involves more vowels than the real thing.

This morning's elevator ride* was to Babi and Děda and Teta Helča's, to get suitcases. So I have some hope that he'll remember some of our vacation. I also hope his real Czech has been reinforced and expanded.

* * * * *

We're trying something new on potty training: bribes. If he poops on the potty 10 times, he gets a Rocky train. He now claims he needs to poop whenever he remembers the prize.

I'm going to draw up a special chart for him, with a picture of him on the toilet and little pictures of Rocky to color or cross off for the count down.

2 down (HA! #2 down! ...I guess I need more sleep), 8 to go.

* * * * *

More back-dated updates coming later (whenever he goes down for a nap).

* Teddy calls the downstairs bathroom the elevator, presumably because it's small.

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