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05:00 pm: Gellert Spa (back-dated)
Budapest is a spa city. There are tons of spas - indoors and outdoors, segregated sexes and mixed, medicinal and play. The best is supposedly Gellert Spa, at the Gellert Hotel. That's what the guide books say, anyway, and what our concierge recommended (though it turned out he'd never been and he knew less about it than we did).

It ain't cheap (9300 HUF, which is about $50, for the family for the day, including a "cabin" [a private, locked, tiny dressing room] but not including towels), but it is lovely.

The primary room is like a beautiful ballroom, with one very large, very cold pool for swimming and a somewhat smaller hot tub for relaxing. The water pours down from lion's head spouts, the ceilings are gorgeous... it really is lovely.

We didn't take full advantage of the facilities because it was fairly cool out, so the wave pool (which is outside) seemed like a bad choice, but primarily because, yep, Teddy.

He loved the pool, but he mostly wanted to play in the footbaths (at each entrance of each pool, there's a warm, shallow pool to rinse your feet). Um, nope, not gonna happen.

Although it was a weekday, there were quite a few teenagers at the baths with us. I wonder how adolescence is different in a society where your schoolmates see you in a bathing suit (bikinis on one and all) throughout your development. I know that some of my schoolmates were deeply upset about having to take swimming in gym classes in high school, because of the bathing suits (I don't remember being upset myself, but I was kind of oblivious). Interesting.

Anyway, it was a lovely, relaxing day. And our taxis went over bridges to get there! Both ways! Bridges, I tell you!

When we got back to the hotel, Teddy asked: "Where's the 'puter?" The kid knows what belongs in a room.

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