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12:17 pm: Hodonin (back-dated)
Hodonin is the tiny little town where Peter's mother grew up, and where he spent quite a lot of time with his grandparents (it is not the Hodonin that you see on maps of Czech - that's a much bigger town - think 3 pubs and no store). If the picture you see on this post shows Teddy in a jeans jacket near a creek, that's Hodonin (he's standing next to a post that commemorates a famous horse that died there, in the yard of the house my MIL now owns).

I love to watch Peter in his first hours back in Hodonin. Clearly, it's where he feels most at home.

Teddy loved it there. Peter's old cars and trucks are there, and he loves to run around in the yard and the outbuildings.

He didn't love the visitors. There were only 3*, but that was "too many people!" to him. One of Peter's aunts frightened him... Peter thought it was because they'd visited his Grandma in the penzión the day before, and Teddy didn't like it there (the aunt is older, like the scary people at the penzión).

It was a very long day for me, as the endless visiting and chatting and eating burbled around me. Thank goodness for my iPod and those ThermaCare pads!

* Peter was fine with that, but I was pissed. It's a lot easier for me when there are fewer people, but Peter is only there once every 18 months or so. wtf??? His cousins couldn't manage to make it there for a rare visit? We'd brought gifts for their kids and stuff, but they didn't bother to show up.

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