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06:00 pm: vacation moments
The highchair at my folks' house in OB is one of those restaurant-style chairs that doesn't really hold a kid down very much (you know the ones -- wooden, with a strap that goes around the kid's waist and hooks to another strap between his legs... no tray or fancy cushions, but serviceable).

Teddy likes that highchair. He can swivel around, play with his feet, eat sitting sideways, grab the table... all kinds of fun stuff. And it gives him about 300 degrees of reach to smear babyfood.

In the morning sun, after sunrise, when there's no more red in the sky, but the light has that soft, early morning glow, Teddy has gorgeous, strawberry-blond hair.

One day after we moved down to the basement (mercifully, much cooler than the 3rd floor, though not as swank), I put on the R&B compilation we gave Mum. One of the songs is the Huey "Piano" Smith tune "Don't You Just Know It," which is the one that mostly goes "uh uh uh uh heeeey-ay doobie doobie." Peter started doing a silly, spastic dance, which really is the only possible way to dance to that tune. Teddy thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Even better than having his stomach held against my Dad's swiveling head, which was the most hilarious thing before that.

During his nap one afternoon, Teddy pulled the blanket Judy made him up over his head. He was a sweet little lump of crocheted, bright yellow goodness.

One night during our bath, Teddy fell asleep nursing, while clutching his rubber ducky under one arm.

Current Mood: happyin love with my son
Current Music: Huey Smith. Duh.
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