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12:16 pm: tough week
I don't like being in the office every day.
I don't like being in the office in every way.
I don't like being in the office; I want to stay


I don't think Theodore Geisel has anything to worry about.

6+ hours lost to commuting.
$100 cost for lunch and commuter rail.

But the absolute, hands-down, no-competition worst part is being away from Teddy. He and Peter have been doing great. I'd get home and he'd be happy and smiling and thrilled to see me.

And then he'd have a meltdown.

After the meltdown, he'd cling to my neck like a little limpet, refusing to let me out of his sight or away from his touch. When I put him in the bathtub Thursday night, he held on to me for 10 minutes, refusing to be in the tub, even with me perched on the edge, right there.

The co-sleeping has never felt so "co."

And next week will be more of the same.

But I'm having a blast with him today. There's nothing like being away to make me cherish the time we have together. We woke up and snuggled and nursed and snuggled and ate breakfast and snuggled and walked "downtown" and back and snuggled and made candy spiders and snuggled and walked back downtown and back and snuggled and ate lunch and snuggled and now he's napping.

I love snuggles. And I'll betcha I'm getting some more when he wakes up.

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