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02:55 pm: one down, one to go?
I'm trying to drop the morning session of nursing. Teddy has shown no signs of making that decision on his own, but I'm soooo ready. And if, heaven help us, I get pregnant, I don't want Teddy to hold his sibling responsible for Losing The Nurs.

Yesterday, we had to dash to get up and get dressed to drive Peter to work. By the time we got home (we shopped while we were at CVS), Teddy had forgotten about nursing. This morning, he wanted to nurse but was distracted by the idea (and fact) of ice cream for breakfast. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Weekdays are tougher.

* * * * *

One of the things we bought at CVS was Teddy's first (small, cheap) dollhouse. I was very happy that he picked it, but he tried to trade it in when he saw a big, red car at the front of the store (we'd agreed that he would pick a small toy).

Still, he was happy to play with it when we got home. He put the refrigerator on the lawn so he could have cold drinks. And he calls all the furniture "crabs."

Oh well. Between selecting a dollhouse, nursing a screeching cat toy, and hauling the stuffed monkey around, he does have a few nurturing impulses.

They do seem like quite masculine manifestations, though.

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