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10:37 am: Teddy's first swim class
Teddy thoroughly enjoyed his first swim class. He was the youngest baby there (I think it goes up to 24 months), and one of the calmest... but then, he does love the water. A couple of the kids were SO unhappy! Fortunately, they got into it once they were splashing around.

We sang the hokey pokey (I'll have to teach that to Peter for when he has swim class duty), dutifully putting our limbs in and out and splashing all about (swimmers' substitute for "shake it all about"). Teddy wasn't sure how he felt about that, but when we sang the goodbye song ("goodbye Teddy, goodbye Teddy, goodbye Teddy, I'm glad you came to swim"), he started singing along.

Chances of my remembering any of the kids' names? I'd say 50%.

Chances of my attaching the right name to the right kid? 0.

He generally had a grand time, despite taking in a couple of mouthfuls (mouths full?) of water when he got a little over-enthusiastic about chomping on a lobster (hmmm... he is related to my Dad). He isn't super-crazy about floating on his belly, but he didn't have floaties on, so we'll try that next time. Mostly, he wanted to crawl up my body and hang on like a little limpet while I danced around the water.

What fun!

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