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01:20 pm: I look hamsom?
"Yes, Teddy, you look very handsome."

We were getting ready to go get pictures with Santa. I guess Teddy wanted to look nice.

"My hair looks pretty Daddy?"

"Yes, Teddy, your hair looks pretty."

He was very excited about meeting Santa and getting his picture taken. He even let me :gasp: dress him first thing in the morning (boy likes to stay in his pajamas as long as possible).

There was a short line at the mall, so we didn't really have to wait. Teddy wanted to touch everything (he is such a toddler sometimes) and see everything, but was generally very patient. When it was our turn, he trotted over to Santa and said "hi Santa! Merry Christmas!"

I put him in Santa's lap, and they chatted a bit. But Teddy would. not. smile. The photographer tried reverse psychology: "Don't smile! No smiling here! Don't you dare smile!"

You could practically see Teddy's brain working: "well, duh! I'm not smiling. See how much I'm not smiling? NO SMILES HERE."


* * * * *

On another note (ha!), Teddy has been singing "Cool," from "West Side Story." He likes the part about "got a rocket in his pocket."

He also likes "Santa Baby." The version by Everclear. I can only hope he likes Eartha Kitt as much whenever I find that version (my CD collection is not as organized as it used to be).

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