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06:17 am: Look, Mamamama, no hands!
Teddy stood independently for the first time yesterday. The first times, actually, each for at least a few nanoseconds. He's so proud of himself.

Fortunately, he's tall enough now that I can hold his hands while he walks around without killing my back. (Peter's much taller, but he's young, so nothing seems to kill his back. Lucky him. Lucky me to have him!)

Teddy loveslovesloves being vertical. He nurses standing whenever he can, bending more than 90 degrees if he has to.

He's also been working at crawling, but is enormously frustrated with it. Over the weekend, he crawled the length of our living room, fussing the whole way... because he was going backward and he desperately wanted to go forward. A couple of times, he's swiveled around and crawled backward in the direction he wanted, but hasn't made the connection about doing it consistently to get where he wants to go.

So far, he's more likely to back himself into something and then start fussing because he can't go any further.

Or he'll bend forward to crawl, legs still in a semi-lotus position, and get frustrated when he can't get very far.

Crawling's a tricky business.

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