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06:00 am: Night time is the right time
...for talking in his sleep ("I need pizza!" "Did you see the dog?" "Mommy!")
...for laughing in his sleep
...for kicking the covers off
...for burrowing under the covers head-first
...for burrowing into my pajama bottoms feet-first
...for holding my braids
...for draping his warm body across mine
...for hogging the bed
...for sleeping like a hedgehog, face down with his legs and arms tucked up under his body
...for patting my skin softly, reassuring himself that I'm there
...for sleeping in my armpit, trying to pull my arm in directions it doesn't bend ("not that way! this way!")
...for sitting up, taking a long drink of water, and saying "aaaah! good brew!" with relish

Current Location: Boston
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: B.B. King
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