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12:00 pm: stress? what stress?
I have a twitch in my left eye. My back is in knots. I have a perpetual headache. I (we?) somehow misplaced the papers we finally got back from the Czech Embassy that will save us $900 on our car insurance (because they prove that Peter is not a brand-new driver.)

One more week and things ought to settle down some. Some. Another few weeks and I'll be able to take a little time off. Which I'll probably spend packing.

* * * * *

In happier news, Teddy had his 3-year check-up this morning. He's doing just fine (coincidentally, he started a cold at 1:30 this morning; it was nice to know his ears and throat are just fine.)

He's around the 25th percentile on both weight and height; his BMI is just where it ought to be. That's his lying height, not standing. They did measure his height standing - or at least they tried. He wouldn't put his heels up against the wall.

He also had a blood draw, for lead and iron. That was no fun at all. I bribed him with the promise of green ice cream with colored sprinkles.

J.P. Licks wasn't open yet, but he settled nicely for ice cream on a stick.

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