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06:00 am: Bob a Bobek
Teddy got some great stuff for Christmas, including Bob a Bobek stuffed rabbits and hat (and DVD) from my in-laws. The rabbits are Bob and Bobek (duh), who are magicians' rabbits. The big one (I don't know which is which) is very energetic and the small one is very lazy. The big one jumps around and says "stop it, switch it!" Actually, he says "Vstávat a cvičit," which means "get up and exercise!"

The little rabbit likes to stay in bed. Smart little rabbit.

In any case, there's nothing quite like a toddler in a top hat... except maybe a toddler in a top hat who runs around yelling "vstávat a cvičit!"

Teddy in Top Hat

* * * * *

Teddy loves it and I do dig the light-hearted approach to teaching science, but I don't ever need to see Jay Jay's Big Mystery again.

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