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06:39 pm: something stupid I finally figured out...
When we get Chinese food, I order beef teriyaki and chicken lo mein for Teddy. Sometimes he eats the beef (sometimes he gobbles it). Mostly he ignores it, and Peter is delighted to have more salty, fatty, meaty food. Teddy almost always eats the lo mein, but I have to pick out the pea pods and bean sprouts (which I eat) and most of the meat (which Peter eats) and the onions (which go into the pig). It's a pain, but it's marginally faster than making pasta for him myself.*

Light dawns over Marblehead!

Tonight, I ordered plain lo mein, with no meat or vegetables.

It only took me 2 years to figure that one out.


* Not that our local Chinese restaurant makes whole-grain pasta or anything. But sometimes greasy Chinese food is What We Need... or What We Get, regardless. I do order steamed vegetables, and I almost always make our own brown rice. It's a compromise, eh?

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