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06:00 am: brilliant timing
I have six meetings today. Five are demos to various constituencies of a system that doesn't work as expected, so I have to talk around different shortfalls to different groups. So that'll be fun. And I need different demo IDs and system setups for each group, all of which have to be done this morning (because we're still building the system, so I had to wait until the last possible minute, to ensure the least number of demo bugs).

And of *course* Teddy decided that today's the day to brush my hair with a shoe brush, climbing all over the back of my chair to do so. (I have to do the demos from the laptop at home, because the machine at work won't run the right browser for the demos. Of course.)

The happy news is that this piece of this project will be done a week from tomorrow, come hell or high water.

Mostly hell.

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