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06:27 am: Mama the Topless Jungle Gym
C'est moi. To jsem já. That's me (unless I want to be grammatically correct, and what's a blog for but colloquialisms?).

I'm flattered, really, that I'm Teddy's favorite toy. He likes to climb all over me, pulling and pinching on various painful bits, slamming and smacking, licking and kicking. With, of course, the occasional stop at the snack bar. Which is why he prefers I be topless. But it's important that the pants stay on, because they have all kinds of exciting things to study and chew, like drawstrings and zippers and belt loops.

At one point during his play yesterday, Teddy determined that the very best handles for pulling himself up to a stand were my belt loop and my nipple.

Um... ouch.

Still, that's what I get for trying to read. A jungle gym ought to know better.

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Bungle in the Jungle-Jethro Tull? Rollin' with Kid 'n Play?
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