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05:46 am: look! a ploliceman! in a plolicecar!
He has a gun? Will he burn someone?

I know the whole no-war-toys thing is pretty futile, given that kids (particularly boys, it seems) will make guns out of sticks or cardboard tubes or whatever (in Teddy's case, mostly a foam baseball bat). But I'd hoped to hold out a little while.


* * * * *

When Teddy sat on the edge of the tub, I noticed that his feet almost touch the ground. He's growing so fast!

* * * * *

Teddy has 4 cavities. FOUR! Cavities! We brush his teeth twice a day. He drinks no more than one serving of diluted juice a day. He mostly drinks fluoridated water. He's not allowed to have most candies. WTF???

His dentist says that he has a lot of grooves in his teeth, that some kids' teeth are pretty flat but Teddy's aren't (not unusual, just not lucky). :sigh:

We've started flossing between his back teeth. But he'll still need to get fillings.


* * * * *

This morning, I fell down the stairs (only the last few steps, thank goodness) for the second time in three days. Good times, good times. Peter tells me I have to be more careful. Teddy kisses me and asks "you all right, Mommy?" Guess which one makes me feel better?

I've got a cold, so I'm hoping my equilibrium is just a little off. Rather than, y'know, a brain tumor or whatever.

What, me? Over-dramatize? NEVER.

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