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09:49 am: Epicurean Delights
Teddy's latest culinary adventures have been pickles, olives, and onions, all of which he likes (the onion was too difficult to smash against his palate, so it came back out, lest he choke). Aren't I good Mumumum to try olives and onions, both of which I hate? I'm hoping he'll be open-minded about food, like Peter, instead of Difficult, like me.

He also likes Dove ice cream bites and my lemon bread, so he's not stuck on savory.

And I don't think he likes sweet or savory as much as he likes labels. To eat, of course (though he's still quite metrosexual in his sticking to cotton clothing for chewing). Toy labels, clothes labels, pillow labels (darn that law about not removing them -- now they're all soggy), whatever. I'll see that certain look in his eye, the one that says "mmmm... that could be tasty," and just as I worry that I may have baby teeth embedded in some sensitive portion of my anatomy, he lunges for a label.

Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: something conducted by Munch, of course
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