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08:56 am: we got a package from my in-laws
Teddy's name day is coming up, and Easter, and my birthday. They sent lots of chocolate, including my favorite Kaštany, Peter's favorite Banány (can I just say... EW?), and an Easter calendar.

It's like an Advent calendar, but for Easter. I've never seen such a thing before. Instead of Santa or angels or little animals gathered around a Christmas tree, it has eggs and bunnies and little boys carry switches.

Yep, it's definitely Czech.

I read The Twelve Little Cakes when I was on vacation, which is a marvelous memoir of a woman who grew up in communist Czechoslovakia. It confirmed a lot of what Peter has told me about his childhood... including boys beating girls about the legs at Easter and getting candy or drinks in exchange.

It's not that I think hiding eggs in the yard is a particularly rational celebration of Easter, but at least it doesn't hurt.

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