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08:01 am: Attack of the Killer Packaging
Episode One: I went dancing on Sunday, with Teddy and the in-laws in tow. We brought chairs, of course, and one of Teddy's quilts, and his sun dome. The dome is a marvelous product, 45 (50?) SPF, keeps the bugs off, etc., but better suited to the beach than Copley Square. Teddy didn't actually sit in it, which made the struggle to close the thing all the more frustrating. It folds down to a nice, compact circle (from 40" x 50"), which is pretty impressive design, but getting it into its package ain't easy.

Dancing was a blast. I only danced maybe a half-dozen times, but it was the first time in 16 months I'd been out, and it felt fabulous. I even led the extremely tolerant bookbat, who was terrific as always. I've forgotten a lot, but not absolutely everything. Now if only I could stay awake past 8 pm, I'd go out more often.

Episode Two: We went to CostCo yesterday to get stuff for the in-laws to take back home. I was attacked by a box and now have a long gash on my face. So pretty!

OK, so it's more like attack of the temporarily disfiguring packaging. But still.

The box that attacked me might've been more inclined to stay on the shelf than come home with me, but I gave it no choice. Now I have a super-excellent-mega-cool snazwah toy for Teddy... in about a year. It's a tunnel with a tent on each end, so he can crawl through and hang out or whatever. How freakin' cool is that?

Peter likes it too. I wonder if I'll find it set up in the living room after everyone leaves, perhaps so he can "test" it.

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