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06:00 am: Toddler Cannibalism
We still tell stories every night. Teddy picks the subject and some of the specifics, and I fill in the rest. He likes to repeat some stories over and over. The details of those tend to arise in daily conversation, to the confusion of anyone who hasn't heard the story - namely, everyone but me and Teddy.

His recent favorite is about two horses, Charlie and Fred. They love to run in the fields. One field has a hole in the ground, which turns out to house a mole named Sam. Sam won't come out of his hole at first, because he worries that Charlie and Fred want to eat him. After they reassure him that they eat plants, not moles, he comes out to meet them and they become friends.

So if Teddy ever asks you if you want to eat him, the "correct" answer is to laugh and say "oh no! We eat oats and apples and carrots. We eat plants, not animals! Please come out and play with us."

This is not to be confused with questions about eating specific body parts (most often his nose), to which the correct answer is to laugh maniacally and say "YES!" Teddy will then claim he is not yummy, with which you must vehemently disagree.

Just so you know.

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Date:March 20th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)

Getting it right

So, we get home from a lovely evening (thanks, Eduard) (and thanks, Kate and Peter) and NOW we find out how to behave? Is that fair? I thought we were doing pretty well to remember the stop light game, and a few other grand-parenting behaviors, so I only hope we didn't get any of those special questions we didn't know the real answers to . . . . Anyhow, thank you for clueing us in, on this and many other special occasions. It was truly a memorable evening. Thanks for the respite and the yummy time. Cousin A enjoyed his cupcakes, too. THANKS, all.

YoMaMa and YoPaPa
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