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06:51 am: Just the three of us again...
My in-laws are back in Czech by now, maybe even back in Nové Mĕsto Na Moravĕ, their home town. I'll miss them. They're all so wonderful with Teddy, and my understanding of Czech really did improve (not, alas, my ability to speak it). We're hoping to visit them in the spring or next summer (if anyone hears of great airfares to Europe, please do let me know).

Still, it feels very peaceful and quiet at home. And for the first time, our house feels big. Halving the number of people in it will do that, I guess.

It's still disgustingly hot, so Teddy ended up spending another night with us. He lasted about 5 minutes in the nursery, where there's no AC, before turning into Little Mr. Fusspot. I couldn't blame him -- he was all sweaty (it was 90 degrees).

I'm getting a massage today to try to get the kinks out of my back and bum (yes, it's the return of the bumassage). I'll resume PT soon, which should help with the bursitis and the tight ACL.

Current Mood: melancholysad, but kinda relieved
Current Music: chirping crickets
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