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07:08 pm: Pregnancy, part 2
The same week as the amnio, I had my second test for gestational diabetes (I flunked the first one, which I’d taken quite early because of the family history of diabetes, and because of my age and weight). That test was AWFUL. And I flunked it. I was still puking at that point, so the GD diet was brutal.

Fortunately, I quit puking within a couple of weeks. The diet still sucked, but was manageable. Insulin shots also sucked, but were also manageable. Hemorrhoids, which arose (ahem!) around week 23, shortly after I popped? Not so manageable.

The rest of my pregnancy was pretty unremarkable. Like everyone else, I got larger and more tired. I walked very, very slowly. Like no one else, I gained no weight. OK, as much as 3 pounds at one point, but I lost it again before I gave birth. As the midwife very delicately put it, I had reserves. What no one could explain was how I could get enormously pregnant (there was speculation that the baby would be 12-13 pounds at one point, because he was waaaay ahead of the growth curve), not gain weight, and not have ketones. This would seem to be impossible, but I managed.

I got lots of extra ultrasounds and fetal monitoring, because of the high risk. Peter attended all but one, which Chris came to. We (Peter and I – Chris too) loved watching the baby develop. His heartbeat was my favorite sound in the world during those months.

Fortunately, there were no signs of macrosomia, which is a big risk with GD and older mothers. He was big, but his head wasn’t disproportionately so.

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