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07:56 pm: Happy Mother's Day/Blogiversary
Three years. Didn't think I'd keep this going so long, and now it wouldn't feel right or natural to stop. All those years of teachers/professors telling me to keep journals... I guess they were right, eh? A frequent occurrence. Good folks, teachers/professors (with some glaring exceptions, of course).

And I'm not just writing that to suck up to my Dad, one of the best of the good-folk teacher/professors. He was mighty nice for Mother's Day, though. He had to take care of both my Mum and me, 'cause Teddy and I came down to the Vineyard to celebrate with the 3 generations together.

Teddy was not much help. He alternated between being a sweetheart and a complete pill.

Y'know... kinda like a three-year-old.

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Date:May 12th, 2008 09:15 pm (UTC)

Mother's Day

Thanks to you both for making it so special!

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